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Smart Third Party Car Insurance

With our smart cover, you can hit the road with confidence, knowing that you are protected by a reliable third-party car insurance policy. Don’t leave your safety to chance – choose our smart cover today and experience worry-free driving like never before.

TP Cover

Basic Third Party Coverage

Physical Damages Death and/or physical injuries that may be inflicted on a third-party, including partial or total disability, whether permanent or temporary.

Medical Expenses Covers the medical expenses and vehicle or property damage of the third-party when you cause the accident.

Material Damages The destruction that occurs to property belonging to a third-party.

Other Expenses Expenses which are incurred by a third-party because of the accident, including expenses of towing or transferring the Vehicle and damage assessment costs.

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Third-party liability limit in respect of death and/or bodily injury and property damage per any one occurrence shall not exceed SAR 10,000,000.

Personal Accident

Free Coverage Addon

You, the insured, as a direct result of an accident to the motor vehicle described in the policy schedule caused by violent, accidental and visible means which independently of any other cause shall within 52 consecutive weeks of the occurrence of such injury result in a number of incidents described in the policy wording document. 

Free addon with basic TP coverage

Roadside assistance:

  1. Services invoice
  2. IBAN

Personal accident:

  1. Muror report
  2. NAJM report
  3. Accident report
  4. IBAN
  5. Court Letter
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