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Saver Plus Bundle

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Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance (including towing)

1. Roadside Assistance (N/A)
2. Personal Accident for the insured only (100,000)
“Roadside assistance You’ll get help when you are stuck on the road! Roadside assistance services are provided to vehicles on all asphalted roads in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which include: Vehicle Towing Service, Emergency Fuel Service, Tire Replacement Service, and Battery Charge Service. Personal accident Covers expenses as a result of the accident. If you’re no longer able to work, you’ll get compensation for lost income as well.”
Roadside assistance:
  1. Services invoice
  2. IBAN
Personal accident:
  1. Muror report
  2. Accident report
  3. IBAN
  4. court letter
Bad Guy Protection

Malicious acts protection

“1.Theft protection (30,000)
2.Malicious Damage (20,000)”
(750 SAR deductible as default)
“Malicious damage to your vehicle (up to SAR 20,000). Covers from vandalism by others, including slashed tires, scratches, smashed glass, etc.

Amount to pay yourself in case of any claim (other insurers call it deductible) –SAR 1,000.

Theft (up to SAR 30,000) Compensation if your car is stolen (but it shouldn’t be left in the operating position, with keys in, the windows and doors open).”
  1. Police report
  2. IBAN
  3. Damage estimation
Collision Cover

Accident, loss, or damage to your vehicle

10,000 SAR

Covers damage to your vehicle when you have an accident, even if a collision is not your fault, but the other driver can’t be found or is not insured.

(including hit & run)

  1. IBAN
  2. Najam or muror report
  3. Registration card
  4. Damage estimation
  5. Driving license
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