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Tree gives you complete freedom of choice and flexibility  Add-ons are the additional services or coverages that you can choose/ remove from your basic Third Party Liability insurance, at any time during your policy period!

we’ll cover the cost if you have an injury or fatal accident in your car. It includes, death or injury.

Living free and exploring, don’t forget to add this when you are going abroad.It includes ,geographical extension.

An insurance quote is an estimate of how much your preferred coverage will cost you. Tree uses advanced technology to personalise your quote and give you a fair and attractive price. Like it? Then go ahead, pay and get your policy instantly. 

Did someone hit your car when it was parked on the sideroad?

Or leave the accident scene before you could even get their details? These are both examples of a hit & run. With our Collision Cover, you can protect yourself from these damages and avoid the hassle!
Ensure to report the accident to Moroor and they should identify the 3rd party in the accident report that you share with us.

Any kind of intentional damage done to your vehicle by someone else, is called malicious damage. We can’t prevent it (well, not yet) but we’ll save you the hassle! Check out our “Bad Guy Protection” coverage that protects you from such incidents.  Just in case you suspect a malicious damage, make sure you get the police report and share it with us to get things sorted.

A deductible is an amount that is reduced from your claim payment. In other words, it’s the share of the cost of repairs that you bear in case of a damage. The rest of the claim amount would be paid by us as per your policy limits.

If it’s a third-party claim against you and it violates our policy terms and conditions and/or SAMA regulations (e.g., under-aged driver, drifting, crossing red lights), we will ask you to pay the full amount of the claim  (other insurances call that recovery).

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