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We use advanced tools to work out the most personalised and attractive premium for your policy. It works on multiple factors, some of which are the value and age of your car, what do you use your car for and whether or not you have made claims in the past. The price of your policy also depends on the type and number of additional coverages and services (Add-ons) that you wish to have. Like It? Go ahead and get a quote instantly.

Fairly easy and quick! All you need is
(1) Your National ID number or your Iqama ID number 
(2) Your vehicle’s serial number or Customs Card number
Click on “Get a quote”, enter your details, pick the Add-on covers you need and get your price instantly. 
Like it? Then go ahead and buy the policy promptly using our range of flexible payment options.

Congratulations! It’s fairly simple to insure your new car. 
Go to your account, and click on ”My Policies”. Scroll down and tap on “Buy a new policy for another car” button and follow the easy steps! You must have the customs card (In case the car is not yet registered in the KSA) or the vehicle’s serial registration number (Find it in your Tawakalna App). We’ll remind you if anything else is needed!

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