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There’s a lot of interetsing work going on behind the scenes. Stay tuned for many more interesting ways to protect all that you care for! 

At Tree, we have you covered in different ways and our coverage is flexible enough to consider you and your changing needs! You can change it at any time.

Our different packages are:

“Replacement Car” if you need to rent a car in case your car is not available due to an accident.

“Collision Cover” when your vehicle gets damaged during an accident or hit & run.

“Always on the Road” coverage if you need engine or windscreen protection. 

“Bad Guy Protection” if you want to be covered against malicious damage & theft.

“Roadside assistance” when you need help with towing, battery, fuel or flat tyre

“International Cover” for hitting the road outside of Saudi Arabia (GCC countries). 

“Personal Accident” Medical Expenses for insured and additional driver whilst in insured vehicle

You can get in touch with us at all times! 
Call us on 8002478733, or chat with us on Whatsapp: 920011978
You can email Wecare@tree.com.sa
Social media: @Treesaudi

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